• The nono hair removal

    nono hair removal is becoming a sensation in the marketplace. No No, short for no hair, no pain, a hair removal product that uses the thermicon or thermal technology is now getting good critiques in the market place today. Men and females alike nowadays are conscious of unwanted hair in some parts of their bodies. They shave, wax and apply different types of chemicals to remove unwanted hair. Dermatologists also offer new technology like laser beam to smoothen the body without pain and trouble. But several website testimonials and experts called this new technology the next big issue in hair removal nono hair removal is a device as small as a razor uses heat to remove unwanted hair, making your skin smooth and hair free. The thermicon technology is used to painlessly remove the hair on your skin and sends heat down the stream to the root of the hair Preventing standard progress of the cells so they have a hard time growing back. Regular use of this product will leave you a smooth and hairy free skin for months or so. How to use the nono hair remover As discussed above, No No hair removal uses thermal technology to remove hair on your body. It directs heat on your skin crystallizing hair follicles down to the root. The package includes a unit, two heat blades, a buffer, a small brush probably to clean the razors, a small bag and a booklet and DVDs for instructions. To start using it, you have to slip the heat blade into the unit and just roll it across your skin. A blue light turns on signifying that the unit is working. As you roll the No no hair elimination onto the part of your skin you want the hair to be removed, you will notice that hair comes in contact with it. Use of this product for several months can bring large reduction in the volume of unwanted hair in your body. There are different fashions of this hair removal product to choose from. The newest model 8800 series includes thermicon tips to treat sensitive and small areas in the body such as bikini lines, facial hair, under arms and elbows and knees. These thermicon tips are replaceable for a more effective No No hair elimination utilization. testimonials on the No No Hair elimination With the sophisticated technology that we have today, more and more products are coming out in the industry. people are concern on how they look and try to find products that make them look beautiful. This is not only for women who want to get rid of unwanted hair but it also suits men who are vain and want to look their best. This hair elimination product has been given good critiques by experts because of its distinctive characteristic and considered a budget friendly tool. Products have their own advantages and disadvantages and according to customers, No, No hair removal has some damaging sides such as perception and smells of burning hair but the good effects of this magnificent No, No hair removal product sparked consumers' interests.

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